Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shop. Travel. Love.

                                   I have a new love in my life. It isn't blonde or brunette. It isn't straight or frizzy haired. Nor is it fat bottomed. But it is slim and sexy just like I like em. It's my most recent splurge. And it's a shirt.
I recently returned from Granada, Spain and who would've known they had such great shopping. Though my favorite store was in the shopping central I knew it'd be the same experience I could have back in America so I skipped out on the H&M stop. But another favorite brand was also in the same area and I knew this would be different. I passed it every day as it hid off the main road which I took on my route to school. It was the Lacoste store and I just knew I had to go there before my trip was over.

Then that day had finally come.

I went in knowing I was going to purchase but I didn't know what. Having two female friends with me it made it harder to ignore that urge to spend. I looked around and boy was I like "Ain't nobody got Euro fo dat" but then I saw the sales rack and there it was, in sizes just for me. I ignored the price tag because it was 40% off and that percent off of any price is good, right? I took the two shirts from the rack and tried on both. One fit just right and the other a size up and a better look so I went with that one. I felt anxious to swipe my debit card so I bought it. I was nervous and a little guilty. I text my mom right after sharing with her I felt wrong spending so much on a shirt and she went on to reply: "You only live once and you're in Spain."

Now that I'm home and I am bored out of my mind and need something to love, I just see my shirt hanging in my closet. It reminds me it has so much more of a purpose than it seems. It makes me think of how time has flown and how cryptic it all seems. It mends the heart that experienced traveling out of the country for the first time. The heart that misses being free in Spain and making memories. Making new connections and strengthening others. Every break seems so bittersweet. Things have changed now that I'm back in America. Break is over. Though change has come, all I have to do is think about my shirt and remember boy is that one sexy piece of... fabric. And I start to feel a little better. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Packing for Praha

I'm going to Prague on Monday. Woo! I'll be sharing pics once I get back, but I thought I'd share a bit of what I'm taking with me. I like to pack light and stay as far away from that 50 pound mark as possible. The only time I neared fifty was when I was traveling for a month. Imma be gone for about 10 days, so 50 pounds just seems like too much. Below is what I'll be taking to Prague, including a dress, cardigan, and tweed jacket that aren't pictured. Where y'all vacationing?! Whatcha wearing?! Let us know.

Jeans, tee, desert boots. This is just casual, but hella cool. I'm effing pretty hard with these striped tees Gap rolled out for Spring. They're not fitted, but not too baggy either. They're spot on. This is just something to wear while tromping around the city. My deserts boots are so damn reliable; they're good in the sun, good in the rain, just made to last. And they're comfortable -- obviously the move for a sightseeing trip. I'll be packing a couple variations of this outfit (because we'll be tromping almost erryday).

Jeans, button downs, sweater, oxfords, Kerouac. This packing process made me realize how many Ralph Lauren shirts I have. Conclusion: I have a lot. But, yea, so I can wear the button downs alone or layer them under the sweater. The weather is as variable in Prague as it is in Chicago, so I'm just tryna be prepared. The jeans  are from Gap; they fit so incredibly well and the wash is so dark, they're sure to look good on anyone. For their price, 70 bucks then whatever sale that never ends takes more moola off, they're such a good buy. I'll also be reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac while I'm away. If you've read it or you are suddenly inspired to read it, hit meh up. I'd love to chat about it.

Because I realized I only had one pair of pants: camo, Harvard (...) crewneck, oxfords, Timex. This might just be my fly-home outfit. Or my stick-in-my-carry-on-just-in-case-my-bag-gets-lost-for-six-days outfit. This Harvard maroon needs to be replaced with a University of Chicago maroon, just sayin'. 

Keep ya eyes peeled for muh pictures from Prague. Enjoy your Spring breaks. And if you don't have a break, skip school, work, whatever and take a break -- you deserve one.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Borrowed from the Boys: Errythang

Just in case you don't know this about me, I love menswear. I'm not sure why, but I find menswear to be a more interesting than women's wear. Just how little there is to work with and how some men can pull that off so easily.

On that note, I just wanted to throw up a quick outfit post. Menswear inspired, of course. On top of menswear, I'm really into the prep aesthetic which, I think, really shows in this outfit. I went with a collegiate crewneck over a blue and white striped Ralph Lauren oxford, neon salmon straight-leg pants, and penny loafers with striped socks. A lot of people are against the penny with sock combo, but it was hella cold and I actually love seeing a nice pair of socks.

D'awww look at muh cute face.

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Photos by Ally Almore.
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