Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wish List: Ashton

Editor's Note: The ladies of all worn out are super excited about our first male guest blogger. Ashton is one of Steph's bestest best friends, which makes this even more exciting. Go ahead, drool over his picks, leave comments, and share with all your friends!

The first male blog on All Worn Out…name me a fashionisto. (Now that was critical.) But here is the truly anticipated wish list of them all, let’s get to my fashion forward style.

Black Watches- So one of the top items on my list has got to be a new watch. Seeing that the CTA is my daily transportation, I think Fossil is the right brand for me, but if you want to one up a brother, go for that Diesel. Though brown is starting to make a hit on the scene, I think black is still worth wearing, proudly.


TOMS- As you may have seen, let me rephrase, MUST HAVE seen in Steph’s post about missing the days when it was still okay not to wear socks, I have had the same issue with my Toms. My solution: the newer seasonal selection… made for those wintry Chicago nights when you still want to look on point. Plus, SOCKS WITH TOMS… 1-2-3 FLAME.


Toggle Coat- But really lets get down n’ dirty and talk about my true must have, and that is a toggle coat. I won’t be giving out the source of this ticket item, I have a feeling after this post they will all go out of stock. Kind of not kidding, but the toggle coat is the one trend I must join along with and this one from Old Navy is a true killer. (And did I mention at the moment it is on sale at $60!!!)

Hunter- I am trying to make Hunters a staple for men at Payton so…

Scarves- Oh, and also a great staple to have are some nice scarves, eyeing these at Urban Outfitters.


So if you really want girls to like you, you should know this is the way to go. Unless you plan to be a victim of a 1-2-3 flame, I beg of you to incorporate some of the trendy ideas you see in my list. I can just see it now, going out on the town in your best pair of pants, I’d opt for some 511 Super Skinny Levi Cords, your seasonal TOMS, that sexy black watch and oh my, that toggle coat. Okay, I think you get the point.



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