Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for One

Like many of us, I will be spending the start of the winter holiday season at my home and not with my family. The last time I missed Thanksgiving was when I was studying abroad in college and have been around the family dinner table every other year. The twists and turns of this year have kept me in Chicago, but I figured I should still take the time and make a (somewhat) proper Thanksgiving meal. I usually evade cooking duties while at home, so this will also be a good time for me to trial ~ holiday ~ dishes on my own.

I’ve linked all of the recipes and put in some notes if I’m going to do things a little differently. This is a very New York Times cooking Thanksgiving and I’m not mad about it. If you’re also doing T-day solo, this is definitely a meal that will leave leftovers, but isn’t that the best part of Thanksgiving? Let’s get into it!

Buttermilk Brined Turkey Thighs

Yes, the recipe calls for turkey breast, but the smallest turkey breast at my local grocer was 4 pounds….and ma’am, that’s far too much turkey for me. So, I decided to do turkey thighs instead simply because I could get one to two pounds of it. I’ve done buttermilk brined chicken before and it is soooo good, so figured this would be a good way for me to venture into cooking turkey / making a holiday meal. I will be adjusting the measurements depending on the exact weight of my turkey.

Brown Butter Skillet Cornbread 

I cannot stress this enough…this is the best cornbread I’ve ever had. Making cornbread from scratch is easy and worth it. If you take any suggestion from this “menu”, let it be this cornbread. I usually do about a ⅓ proportion of what the recipe calls for because I typically use a small pan, but I might go for the full 12-inch pan of cornbread this’s that good. (I know this pic is not ~ gourmet ~ but I needed a pic, lol)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic

If you love crispy brussels sprouts, then this is a great recipe for you. When the sprouts are nearly done, with like 2 to 3 minutes left, I like to drizzle them with a bit of honey.This results in a yummy, crunchy, salty, sweet side.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

I typically just use common sense when it comes to making mashed potatoes, but since I’ll have more time to cook, I’m going to give this recipe a go. I *love* potatoes and garlic, so this is perfect.

Pear Tart

I picked up some pears at the farmers market, so I think I'm going to make a tart or a crumble. I've never made a crust before, so this could be fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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