Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion Prom

So last night was awesome. The Met Ball is definately one of my favorite events of the year. It's the one time where everyone just gets dressed for the sake of capital F fashion (see Florence Welch or Chloe Sevigny) and seems to have fun. While there were some major lewks (thanks Brad Goreski for that one), here are my favorites.

Via Fashionologie
Best Dressed: Kate Bosworth
She's workin a Prada (as were most of the attendees), but she manages to make it modern, fun, theme appropriate, and she looks pretty without looking like she's just wearing a costume. The dress is not wearing her, which is a problem with so many celebrities when they try to go anywhere but a nude sparkly column. She is also rocking one of the biggest trends of the night, dark berry lipstick, without looking stupid (see Camilla Belle). And a topknot! Basically I love her and everything about her look.

Via Fashionologie
Lana Del Rey
LDR looks like the most fashionable vampire ever, and I love it. She's also wearing the berry lip, which I guess I now have to try. The dress itself is something like chain metal, which is an interesting way to bring sparkly on to the red carpet without wearing the normal, boring, celeb approved gown. I also like this cape infinitely better than the one the Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars (I WAS NOT a fan of that look, or her for that matter).

Via Fashionologie
Shailene Woodly
Well, if you can get Christopher Kane to bring you as his date, you must have something going for you. And she has the admiration of my man George Clooney. But those are only two of the reasons I love this girl. She is very fashion-y, but never fails to look effortless, which is something I totally admire. She never looks like she's tth-ing (trying too hard). If you read my marathon f/w recap, you know how much I loved the newest Chris Kane collection as well. Basically, what I'm trying to say is I love both her and her clothes immensely.

Via Fashionologie
Lena Dunham
I think this list has just turned into a list of my major girl crushes, but whatevs Lena Dunham rocks. She also manages to look event appropriate and so her at the same time. She is definately rocking the Oberlin chic. Plus I love love love the addition of her pink pumps to that beautiful emerald mullet dress. And Hamish Bowles was escorting her! That was probably the most fun couple of the night.

That's all for my recap. If you want to see all the looks, go to The Cut or Fashionologie. Also, two other things: Nina Dobrev was wearing my prom shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, Chi City Fashion, to tweet at the blog @all_worn_out! So basically it was a big day in my fashion blogging life. That is all. 

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