Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Completely Covetable: College Wish List

It's back to skoooo time. Womp wahhh. One good (read: really effing awesome) thing about going back to school is that I get to go "back to school shopping." It's just a clever way to disguise buying the same thing in different versions. We all need three denim jackets, right? Right.

Lucky for me, I had a horribly low paying job this summer, so I have a few bucks to spare on some new digs. The Labor Day sales treated me very well, but a girl can never have enough. Most of my friends have already shipped off to college, or started school here in the city. I ain't go no frans. Sad life. But, a bit of retail therapy is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Completely Covetable: College Wish List

Completely Covetable: College Wish List by stephg09 featuring a rose gold tone bracelet

By the grace of the universe I was able to cut down my list to three solid items. There are a bunch of other things I want, but these are the things I would absolutely love to own. These would also be three pretty big purchases for a student; all in all, the would ring in around 1,000 bucks. It's safe to say, I will not be getting everything on this list. Ya win some, ya lose some.
Golden Bear sportswear for J.Crew varsity jacket 
I've been looking for a varsity jacket for some time now. I've taken to thrift stores, asked family members, but I haven't been able to find the right one. Having just mentioned this sort of jackets presence in thrift stores and dusty attics, you might wonder why I would even consider dropping anything over 60 dollars for this jacket. But, it's simple: I just like nice things. And that jacket is a nice thing.

J.Crew Monk strap loafers
When I got the September Style Guide from J.Crew, the first page I opened to featured a model in these shoes. I swear it was fate. Earlier this year, Cole Haan was carrying double monks for women and I just slept on that. Definitely one of the biggest mistakes I've made -- my closet shed a tear. Needless to say, these will definitely be purchased. They're menswear inspired and just cool. With some cropped jeans and well fitting t-shirt (shout out to Madewell), these shoes will take that impossibly simple outfit to the next level.

Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold tone bracelet
Don't have a significant other? Get a nice watch. All ladies need some nice arm candy. **cue the "duhhh"s from the crowd** I, like every other young woman, am completely obsessed with Marc Jacobs. His clothes are the epitome of fun without being foolish. I've been eyeing rose gold watches for a while and this is the one for me. I tried it on in store about a week; nothing but stars in my eyes. It's a great cross between a heavy boyfriend watch and a classic women's watch. Well done, Marc, well done.

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