Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Blues

It's actually been months since I've posted. Life got too real at the end of the school year and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep up with muh bloggie wog. Hope ya didn't miss me too much. And I hope you're as excited about Maya joining the team as I am. She's one of my best friends and I'll be visiting her in Detroit, excuse me, The D, very soon. 

Summer is finally upon us. Kind of. If you're in Chicago, then you've experienced the weather-related ups and downs that are indicative of this fine town. I've found myself jeans and a jacket quite a bit this summer, but I'll take a little cool weather over sweltering heat any day. 

And ohh haiiii, new hair. My friend hooked me up with some twists for the summer. They're super long and constantly leave me wondering how people who have long hair comfortably and effectively complete every day tasks, like getting dressed and eating without having their hair getting in the way of everything. Hmmm, the questions of life.

Today, I went to check out an art installation put up by the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health at the Hull House on UIC's campus. My friend Kami is involved in the organization and the work they do advocating for laws that ensure youth have control over their bodies is pretty great. Be sure to check them out if that's something you're interested in.

I wore Mom Jeans from Topshop, a jacket from Gap, a throwback University of Michigan Rose Bowl t-shirt that I cut into a crop top, and Cole Haan penny loafers. These are my favorite jeans, probably, ever. They're mad comfortable (I bike in them), and they're the perfect wash for summer. The only qualms I have with these jeans are the two rather large holes on my thigh, which were totally my fault, but still. If you happen to be a whiz with a needle, hit me up. I'd love to have those patched up nicely.

Also, do not let this t-shirt fool you. I am an Ohio State fan to the bone. This shirt was a gift and it is aesthetically appealing. Those are the only reasons I wear it. So, there. 

I hope you all have been enjoying the sun and summer. Keep up witcha girl on Facebook and Twitter

Big thanks to Kamaria Woods for the photos.

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