Monday, November 10, 2014

Sporty Spice takes El Escorial

You really don't know luxury until you've seen what the mix of old money and political power can bring you. This past Friday, I took a day trip with the other students to town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. While there is actually another town called "El Escorial," this royal site is also simply referred to as "El Escorial." The palace here is massive. Massive. The type of big that is just flat out unnecessary. Sometimes when I walk into these old palaces, churches, and other buildings, it just strikes me that, in this day and age, no one would even think to build something so large.

That's literally like 1/32 of the building. Insanity. El Escorial was about two hours from Toledo and we had to take off on a cold, rainy morning. If you know me, then you know I'm not one to usually wear leggings. Provided that they're comfy, they're also not that interesting and don't really add anything to a look. I bought my second pair of leggings ever from Zara a few weeks back and they came in handy when I was rushing to leave that morning.

Since my leggings were so boring, I slipped on my Dope Boy Magic windbreaker to stay dry in the rain/stunt. This windbreaker was one of those pieces that I absolutely had to have. I dragged my best guy friend up to Fat Tiger Workshop, the brick and mortar storefront for DBM, Vita, & other streetwear brands, the day after the summer line dropped and snagged this gem. All of my pieces from DBM deviate from my typical, preppy-ish style, so I always like wearing them to mix things up. I really appreciate the humor and intelligence that goes into making a great piece of streetwear and the guys behind DBM are pretty great at finding the right balance. Fun fact: I was the first woman to buy this windbreaker #trendsetter.

From wearing this a lot over the summer in Chicago when I was messenger (don't ask...) and had to deliver stuff no matter rain or shine, I learned that it is the easiest way to draw attention to yourself. And that actually applies to my other DBM pieces, too. So, just so y'all know, if you don't want randos talking to you, you probably shouldn't step out in your Dope Boy Magic joints.

I'm missing home like crazy, so I love wearing things that remind of Chicago. You can take the kid out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the kid. Also, I love doing things that remind me of Chicago, like compiling a video of my friend bopping in palaces in Europe. Shoutout to Natalia. 

This is technically a men's piece, but the cut isn't particularly masculine; I don't feel like I'm wearing my older brother's jacket. This jacket and my other stuff from DBM and Vita Morte (RIP), are all smalls and the fit is solid. If you have the chance, I'd totally recommend taking a trip up to Fat Tiger Workshop. As mentioned in previous posts, I really like talking to those who had a hand in the production of pieces I'm buying. On any given day, you're bound to find one of the guys behind the brands in the store, which is pretty cool. 

Just taking a break from showing all of the peasants around my palace.

Big ups to Natalia for the pics. Her guest post will be going up this week, so watch out for that.

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