Sunday, September 6, 2015

Instead of Tuition: Fall 2015

Imagine...a world where I didn't have to drop about $20,000 every few months to get an education...a world where I could blow that $20,000 on things I really don't need...a world where I dressed so well it would be rude...mmm imagine...

But, seriously, I've been sitting around looking at clothes, as I often do, and most things are out of my price range. Ya girl is broke. Since school starts in t-minus three weeks, I thought it fitting to make this a sort of back-to-school edition. If I didn't have to pay tuition, these are some things I'd be young and dumb and rich enough to buy.

I'm a college student -- I need a backpack. Some women get away with the tote trend, but I feel like that would be super uncomfortable, and I bike, so I def need my hands and arms to be free. While I am a loyalist to the North Face's Hot Shot style, these backpacks have the potential to steal my heart.

Fall Backpacks

Fall Backpacks by stephg09 featuring a knapsack

Proenza Schouler backpacks bag - $1,995
The Proenza Schouler PS1 backpack in black suede. A beauty. I already know that I'm going to lose my mind one day and buy the PS1 purse, but, for now, as a student, the backpack is the more practical option. The $2,000 practical option. 
Givenchy knapsack - $1,885
Just looking at these backpacks, you can probably tell that I'm super into black and white for fall. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this one, but the clean stripes really get me and the studs add a fun touch. 
Givenchy knapsack - $1,320
Another Givenchy pick -- the magnolia and moth backpack. This is raw print that Givenchy stuck on a few items, but I'm a particular fan of it on this bag. Honestly, I saw it and it reminded me of this essay I read by Virginia Woolf called "The Death of the Moth." So, for reminding me of a piece of lit, this one gets extra points. 
Want Les Essentiels de la Vie laptop backpack - $759
Here is the product description:"WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Chalk (white) smooth leather Piper backpack styled with Seahorse (metallic salmon) leather trim." The fact that these folks are out here using descriptors that need clarification. I am dead. But, other than the utter extra-ness of the product description, this bag looks like it feels like butter. I am 100% here for it.

School accessories 
What's a day in the classroom without some iridescent shine and made in America leather goods? A terrible day in the classroom.

school accessories

Valextra Zip Around Document Holder - $1,490
I bet I would get an A on every paper if I had this fancy-as-shit document holder to carry all my essays to my prof's office. Okay, maybe I wouldn't get an A, but I would feel like I deserved the A because I took such care in delivering my paper.
J.Crew pencil case - $23
I actually keep all of my pens and pencils in one of the water bottle holders on the side of my backpack, but if I had this pencil case maybe I would take water AND tea to class. 
Leather Envelope for 15” MacBook | Shinola® - $275
I have been enamored with Shinola ever since I visited their flagship store in Detroit last summer. This laptop case is made in the USA from leather manufactured right here in Chicago and the color is unlike any I've seen before for leather laptop cases.
Leather Wrapped iPhone 5 Case | Shinola® - $85
There's probably nothing better than knowing that your broken iPhone is finding refuge in a warm, made in America leather case. 

As someone who detest the sound of fingers clicking keyboards during lecture, I'm a fan of the good 'ol fashioned notebook. Writing out notes also means that I will actually pay attention in class because I don't have a million tabs out, just a million sheets of blank paper waiting to be filled with my newfound knowledge.

Moleskine - Weekly Notebook - $23
So, I'm an English major and sometimes I wonder if I'm really an English major considering that I have never owned a Moleskine. This one is sweet because it doubles as an agenda and a notebook, with each weekly calendar page being paired with a lined sheet. 
FIELD NOTES Expedition Edition - $9.95
Field notes are the best. They're small enough to fit in the back pocket of my jeans and durable. I've been using some from the county fair edition, but I will soon be in need of a new stack. The Expedition Edition is the most durable edition of Field Notes yet: the book is printed on paper that is tear-proof and water-proof. I'm just thinking about how this could pretty cool for coxswains who might want to take some notes out with them onto the water ***crew thots***
Shinola Soft Linen Journal | Shinola® - $20
More Shinola because I love Shinola.
The Stash — Bull & Stash - $50
Bull & Stash's made in America notebooks can be refilled -- when you've used up all the pages, you can simply unscrew the hardware and replace you're used sheets with new ones. It's a cool concept that means that you'll, essentially, be able to keep the notebook forever. Since the cover is leather, it'll also look better with time.  

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