Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summertime Chi

Welcome to the good life! (Did you catch the reference?)

If you have never spent a summer in Chicago, you're missing out. Of course, I am romanticizing the city a bit, but summer has always been the time when I get to reconnect with friends and spend more time with my family. It's also the time when the weather is more consistent and Chicagoans can count on some sunshine.

I got some ice cream and went over to the lake with my friend Natalie to snap some pics. I recently tried a new hairstyle and it's kind of perfect for summer. Braids like these are so easy and lightweight. Check out the Instagram page of the woman who did my hair @gotothemo. Her hair styles are so creative and always looks super neat.

I'm wearing a skirt I got on clearance during the winter from Banana Republic, shirt from Forever 21, and the shoes are the Nike Cortez, otherwise known as the Forrest Gump. Admittedly, I tend not to be a fan of fast fashion stores like Forever 21, however for trendy items that you want to try out, you can't beat the price. On another note, I also have taken to carrying clutches and one of my favorites is this woven one I picked up while in Puebla, Mexico. 

Keep up with my post-grad, summer adventures on Instagram @all_worn_out.


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