Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ka'She Natural Luxury

Alright, let's be clear: I am not a natural hair blogger. I take care of my hair, but tend to stick with what I know and what's easiest. For me, that usually means braids, or some other style with extensions. One thing with having my hair in braids with synthetic hair, is that it's hard to keep my natural hair moisturized. So, whenever I take my braids out, getting and keeping my hair hydrated is my number one concern. 

Enter: Ka'She Natural Luxury, a line of all natural hair care products. Ka'She is a black-owned business with organic, toxin free hair and skin care products designed by a team of pharmaceutical scientists. They know what the body needs and have used only the finest ingredients to craft a high quality product. The Ka'She team sent me the Daily Conditioning Hair Moisturizer and Leave-In Conditioner to try, and this is a winning combo. 

So, back to me not being a natural hair blogger...I'm not going to claim to know everything about hair care, or even a lot, but I do know when something works for my hair. When I have my hair out, I either do twistouts or flat twists. I love Ka'She because with my twistouts, the Daily Conditioning Hair Moisturizer does not dry out and begin to flake. Also, the definition doesn't hurt either.

I also have a tight curly pattern, 4B and 4C depending on the section of my hair. So, I need products that soften my hair enough that I do not have to struggle to part my hair and get down the roots. Ka'She's Leave-In Conditioner immediately softened my hair and the softness lasted for days after the initial application of the product. 

Also, follow @kashenaturals on Instagram. Their Instagram account is full of useful haircare tips and information about what sets their products apart from others on the market. You can buy Ka'She Natural Luxury via their website here

I'm wearing a white linen top and utility shirt from J.Crew, jeans from FashionNova, and shoes from Coach. My earrings are from a small shop on a small street in Toledo, Spain. 

All photos of me by Kiran Misra. Ka'She product photo via @kashenaturals.

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