Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pajama Party

I don't know about your friends, but my friends certainly don't wear cute pajamas at sleepover parties (sweatpants and t-shirts are normally the go-to apparel). Luckily for us, pajamas have recently received a makeover! ...but they're not meant to be worn to bed...
In some of the Spring 2012 fashions shows, designers like Vena Cava and Alexander Wang featured sleepwear-inspired clothing. Finally, these pajama-inspired shirts are hitting the shops.

Rag & Bone sells the perfect one, but you'd really have to break open the piggy bank for one of these.

Silk with contrasting piping - the quintessential PJ blouse. H&M also offers a cute, less-bedtime-more-downtown shirt.

And finally, J. Crew's contribution - a quirky take with polka dots that feels a bit more menswear-inspired.

Now you can step-up your sleepover style and hit the streets! But let’s leave the sweatpants for the pillow fights.

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