Sunday, February 12, 2012

Style Profile: Steph G.

We thought it was time for you all to meet the ladies behind this wonderful blog. First up: Steph G.

Photo credit: Ally Almore

What's your name?
Full name? Stephanie Alicia Greene. But, on the streets, I go by Stephie G. or Steph G.

How old are you?
16. I'm a youngin'.

What's your uniform?
On almost any given day, I will have on a button down shirt- whether it be under a crewneck sweater, hoodie, or jean jacket, it's almost always there. That, with a pair of dark wash jeans with the hems rolled up just above my ankles. It's such a clean look. However, the cleanliness of the look has a tendency to stop at the hem of my jeans- well loved shoes are my kryptonite, especially in the summer. I usually clean it up a bit as the temperature starts to drop because boots are a lot more difficult to mess up than canvas sneakers.

Photo credit: Veronica Foster

Who are your favorite designers?
I just really got into the runway side of fashion last year, I would always just wait to see what was in the magazines. Now, I rush onto New Mag's website during fashion week and straight up spend hours looking at pics from the shows. I also have to be honest, menswear is what I really love. I always think men's fashion weeks are so much better than women's.....but, that is a story for another time. These are my favorite women's wear designers: Prabal Gurung3.1 Phillip LimJason WuAlexander WangPeter Som (trend?...), Alice + OliviaProenza Schouler, Band of Outsiders, and of course, Marc Jacobs.

What are your favorite stores?
American Apparel, Gap, J.Crew, and Banana Republic are the stores where I consistently shop. And then, I just have a lot of Ralph Lauren button downs.

What are your favorite blogs?
Fashion blogs are my favorite distraction from schoolwork. My daily reads are The Midwestyle, Unabashedly Prep, Isaac Likes, NOVH, Chicago Street Style, Jak and Jil, and Eat.Sleep.Wear. Mostly menswear blogs; I get most of my inspiration for my favorite menswear bloggers. I probably have forty or so blogs bookmarked, but I only look at the others when I don't have school for a week or two.

Who are your style icons?
This is a tough one...I pull inspiration from so many people that it's hard for me to pinpoint a few people. However, my favorite bloggers are my biggest inspiration. So, the people that run the blogs I just mentioned, would probably be on this list. Along with Kanye West.

Something you can't live without?
Chapstick and writing.

Favorite item in your closet?
Closet? Denim jacket, I got for $12.97 at Gap. Nightstand? Timex Weekender.

Dream job?
Editor of GQ, Esquire, or some other amazing menswear magazine, creative director at some yet-to-be-determined label, or professional blogger. Something that combines writing and fashion. I also want to teach high school English at some point.

What's your favorite class?
All-time? American Lit. This year? A tie between AP Lang and AP Gov.

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