Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Recap

As clearly fashion-loving girls, the Oscars are one of our favorite events here at All Worn Out. The award show itself may not be that interesting (see last year with Anne Hathaway and James Franco), but the red carpet sure is. Although it's hard having a true FASHION moment between the sea of cream colored sparkly gowns, here are a few of our favorite looks from Sunday night:

Allie- Jessica Chastain was far and away my favorite of the night. Usually I'm more of a Rooney Mara girl, but Jessica just looked so beautiful in her (modified) Alexander McQueen dress from resort 2012. Like a renaissance goddess or something. Actually straight out of Birth of Venus or Titian. So romantic and pretty, but not overly frothy. Perfection!

Via Refinery29

Caroline - Emma has been getting a lot of grief for her Giambattista Vali gown. And while many people have been arguing with me about it, I still stand by my vote for Emma Stone for best dressed. Not many redheads can pull off a bright-red gown AND a huge bow necktie. And still be hilarious. Although the look may remind you of Nicole Kidman at the 2007 Oscars, Emma Stone managed to keep it young, fresh, and polished.

Via Refinery29
Miriam - Like Caroline, most of my friends disagree with my best dressed choice: Gwyneth Paltrow. However, I maintain she looks stunning in her white Tom Ford gown. I also had no issue with the cape, in fact that's part of what made her look so awesome. Most people I talked to didn't exactly dig her hair, but I loved the sleek ponytail; it perfectly accented her dress. Besides, people are often accused of too prom or too out there, and I think she got this balance right. And at least she didn't play it safe. (a close second for me, Octavia Spencer.)

Via Refinery29
Steph- I'll be real, all of my favorite looks from the red carpet have been picked by my fellow bloggers. Therefore, I will take it upon myself to bring some menswear into the mix with my pick for best dressed man. And the award goes to...Tom Hanks! As the first presenter of the night, he set the bar pretty high in a double breasted Tom Ford tux. I saw him, and tweeted, "Hold up, Tom Hanks is looking good tonight." No, I don't have a thing for old men, but come on, a double-breasted tux with that sweet over-sized bow tie?! It's obviously not something everyone could pull off, but it worked with his older-gentlemen, I-have-gray-hair-and-I-am-mature-look. Like I said, he looked good.

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