Monday, March 19, 2012

Mixin' It Up

I think it's safe to say that spring is finally upon us. Wooooooo! Break out the shorts, and sunglasses. It's time for us to spend our days in the sun, and nights having fun. Well, I guess that time is really summer, but spring will do for now. And what a spring it will be! It's time to mix it up!

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and all things wonderful. Translated: Spring is a time of new clothes, snazzy shoes, and all things bright and wonderful. Bright colors, and prints are in this season, and I have to say, I am loving it. Check out these looks from J. Crew's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

When mixing prints, find a common color, like the navy in the first look, and have at it. If you're daring, go ahead and wear all bright colors; wear colors in the same family, like red and pink, and accessories in complimentary colors, like blue (art 1, anyone?). Like a smart look? Opt for a maxi skirt in an exciting color, with a nautical tee. And the final look sticks with colors in the same family all the while mixing prints, and keeps it interesting with red shoes and sunglasses.

And boys, I didn't forget about you. Some starting points from J.Crew.

Shirt, and jacket from J. Crew

If you haven't already, hop on that chambray bandwagon; it will easily become one of your go-to shirts for spring. And a lightweight jacket is must for the cool mornings spent waiting for CTA trains that never come. The one in this photo will put you out about 220 bucks, but lucky you, I have a secret: lightweight jackets can easily be thrifted. I just picked up a similar one in navy for a dollar and forty five cents, can you say deal?! I'm sure you can.

Read more, dawg!

Pants, Gap; shorts, J. Crew
And colored chinos and shorts are in for men, too! Time to ditch the grays, and get with the roses. Colored bottoms are an easy way to incorporate color into your look. If you are an especially daring and dapper young fellow, go for a shorter short than usual. We like seeing your legs as much as you like seeing ours. *wink wink*

Last week, I decided to put my tips to the test. Let's see how that turned out.

Shirt, pants, and sweater from Gap. Shoes by Steve Madden.

No post is complete without a crotch shot detailed close up!

I found a common color, blue, and went for it. The navy stripes in my sweater match the navy in my floral shirt. My shirt took care of me having to find some accessory with complimentary colors. And let's not forgot the shoes. Ohhh, the shoes. Definitely my favorite purchase the year. The leopard acts as neutral and a print in this case. Animal prints will prove to be some of your more versatile items.

Try to do something new this spring, step outside of your comfort zone. You may even surprise yourself. Mix it up, yo!


  1. Favorite post so far. The tips are smashing. Finna hop on all of this. Thanks for speaking to us men who obvs stalk the blog. The photos also contribute to why it's my favorite

    1. Thanks, Ashton!! You know I love your compliments.


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