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Fashion Month Round Up: Part 1

I had intentions of posting collections/street style reviews after each fashion week (New York, London, Milan, and Paris), but life (and senioritis) caught up with me. So now, you will be subjected to the longest post of all time, seeing as I'm reviewing fashion month as a whole. In this post, I'll cover my favorite collections from f/w and in the next one I'll cover my favorite street style. Fall/winter 2012 left me with few surprises in New York, but a few new faves from over the pond and a new favorite designer (I could write for pages and pages and pages about how much I'm loving Carven right now and how much I love the fact that Guillaume Henry based his whole collection around a Hieronymus Bosch triptych that I just saw at the Prado over winter break, but I'll save that for another post). Let's get to what we should be wearing come September 2012...

New York:
NYFW is home to some of my all time favorites and this season they didn't disappoint.

Proenza Schouler (all collection photos via
This collection was soooo good, so stylish, and so mature without losing the essential of what makes Proenza cool. Case in point, the outerwear. That amazing, luxe take on the varsity jacket (top left) needs to be in my closet now.... or at least by next winter. Their version of the moto jacket (top right) (quilted!) and the tweed jacket (bottom left) are equally as cool. Also I would trade my left hand for this new PS 11 clutch for spring, on a semi-related note.

See more after the jump.....

 Rag and Bone (all collection photos via
Another one of the all time favorites killing it, Rag and Bone is the way I would dress if I lived my perfect life as a lady on a sprawling English manor (basically I want to be Downton Abbey). The blanket coats looked warm and comfy (a major plus) and the tapestry prints were perfect for cozying up during fall. I just have a major thing for coats this season. They are possibly the most important part of any wardrobe, especially in Chicago when you're wearing them from October to April.

Possibly my favorite look of the whole season

Altuzarra (all collection photos via
Another collection where the coats rocked! I would take that beautiful green leather trench (top left) or the fur lined pea coat (bottom right) if I wanted to feel like a sexy spy/preppy Ali McGraw in Love Story, which is always what I'm going for. While I'm not normally into the global nomad gypsy thing going on in the rest of this collection, something about this one really spoke to me. It reminded me a lot of my all time favorite collection, Balenciaga F/W 2007 (or at least looks 1-15). Also, knee high boots are totally a thing, which is great.

Now on to London.........

London has some awesome upcoming talent and is always super inventive. Almost like fashion's id, you could say. 

Christopher Kane (all collection photos via
Weird fashion inspiration at its best. Kane said he was inspired by an Al Pacino 80's movie about sex clubs and a gay serial killer called Cruising. I'm not really sure how you get such pretty and wearable clothes (like the chunky turtlenecks) from such an odd reference, but you go Christopher Kane for getting there. I guess I can sort of see where the oiliness and greasiness comes from, but thats about it. 

 Acne (all collection photos via
Acne has been killing it the past few seasons, not only with their amazingly wearable clothes in stores (see this new Acne maxi I bought a few weeks ago), but with their fun and quirky collections that show a whole new way to dress. This season, we've moved on from turtlenecks to collar necklaces and from plain parkas to full military inspired down sweaters. Muse and de facto spokeswoman Hanneli doen't hurt the brand either...

Milan (besides Jil Sander) doen't normally excite me with its Baroque-ness and over the top styling, but this season a new favorite moved ahead of the pack. Pucci finally took it easy on those crazy gypsy prints,  converting me with their party ready (read classy/sexy), interesting looks. If (/when, of course) I was a girl about town, this is how I would dress. Which is perfect. Also, major points on the styling for having all the models rock my all time favorite hairstyle, the braid crown. (all collection photos via

Overall favorite nominee: Jil Sander
My other Milan favorite, Jil Sander, may just be my overall favorite. Raf Simons has been one of my favorite designers ever since I started paying attention to fashion and it makes me soooo sad to see him go.  His S/S 2011 gave me one of the most inspirational collections ever and that hot pink ball gown maxi skirt will forever live in my dreams (because it will never live in my closet :( :( :( ). This collection was so serene and pink, without ever veering into the girly, infantilizing look that I hate. Girly has never really been my thing, but fresh flowers, color blocked pastels, and great coats sure are.

Finally on to Paris........ Last city I promise.

The coats in this show were SPECTACULAR. I know I sound like a broken record, but the coats this season killed and its the first thing you see in an outfit, so I find myself more and more focused on finding the perfect one. Love the easy separates. I would also like to have every piece of this collection in my closet. Stat. This stuff would fit so seamlessly into how I'm feeling about my style right now. It's light, it's airy, it's clean and I love the layered denim under the coat in look 8 (bottom left). I deem this the most wearable collection in all of fashion month.

A pink fur coat! Those gold wedge/pump hybrids! Celine generally turns out the most covetable single pieces imaginable, and this season was no exception. Even with a scaled down presentation instead of a show (due to Phoebe Philo's pregnancy), Philo managed to create the best of the athletic inspired fashion this season. My Celine collection will start with this shopper or one of the many other amazing bags, but one day that pink fur will make it into my closet. When I have a clothing collection and stuff.  

Last but definitely not least is Carven. At the beginning of this post (if you can remember that long ago), I mentioned how Guillaume Henry is a genius and how much I am now obsessed with Carven. This season just added to the obsession. Any collection that can thoroughly reference early Renaissance art while still staying hip shoots to the top of my list, while being incredibly wearable with cool new neutral colors to boot. 

The Bosch is the print on the collar!

If you're still reading I'm proud of you. Thanks for taking a look at my marathon F/W 2012 review. A few trends I've noticed from the rest: peach, a lot of lace, random fur accents, military coats, asian influence, a lot of stuff I want to buy. Although on the bright side, now you know what I do all day. 

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