Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get It Right, Get Tights

The weather has been awesome. And every time I think it's finally going to be cold for good, it gets a little warm. I find myself slipping on skirts and dresses for their last hoorah. It's not like I have a lot of skirts and dresses, but ya know, tryna get the best out of the one skirt and one dress I have.

On that note, I'm not much of a dress wearer. But, I bought a pair of lace-ish tights for my Halloween costume, but that costume never happened, so I was stuck with some tights. It was going to be around 55 degrees, and I wanted to test these tights out. Yes, I test out clothing to see if I like it. Don't you? You don't? Oh. 

Any who...check out these photos of my tight wearing courtesy of Ally Almore. She's awesome, make sure to check out her Facebook page and give it a like. Like I thought I looked good, but I didn't think I looked that good. Ally made me look that good in these photos. She does werk. 

Peep these things: my backpack, probably the dopest thing I own; my reusable water bottle, I love the earth; and my penny loafers, definitely my favorite shoes.

Want a view of this awesome outfit from the front? You got it.

So, it turns out that I really like tights. I think they're the most interesting part of my outfit. I was two seconds, well, two minutes from wearing a pair of gray tights, I'm glad I made that switch. Try a patterned pair out if you haven't already. You'll like the way you look, I guarantee it. My goal for post-Thanksgiving shopping this weekend is to pick up some mo' dresses and some mo' tights. Werd.

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