Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wish List: Ashton 2.0

First post as an official member of all worn out. Swag. So y'all know you have to blow it up, right? shame.

So, the year goes by and you continually add items to your list of greed: 'I really want this Mom' or 'Dad, buy me these.' My list always happens to be an endless list of brand-names which aren't within my realm... But I guess that's what the holidays are for, right?


But really. I would just love to be showered by Hermès watches and LouB loafers but that's not happening. To say the least a lot of my items gives me a glimpse into that lavish world which I sometimes think I live in and I want to give you a glimpse into it as well.

I really wanted to change it up this year but that just didn't end up happening.  So as usual love me some watches:

This one has convinced me that once I put it on I'll just turn into Scott Disick. Thank you, Diesel.

Hermès Orange. What a beautiful color.

I also run into the problem of wanting things that aren't really school appropriate but the sad part is I have nowhere else to wear them.

High class dinner party?
'Higham' dress loafer from Aldo.

Weekend getaway with the homies? (S/O to all my homies. You're a homie if you're reading this btw.)

Herschel Supply Co. 'Strand' Duffel Bag

These honestly always end up being the favorites on my list.

And can't forget the cold weather usuals. Ik ya see me rawking the scarves but probably have never seen me in a hat. I've literally never worn a hat despite where we live. Chi-town love. I kinda love this beanie doe.

Levi Cable Knit Beanie

Also, I want some Patagonia and I really want a new vest so voilà!

But really the ultimate item that I'd say is the best compromise from lavish to reasonable would be a nicely equipped Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. That's a darn good exchange for the $150,000 Mercedes Benz G550 I'm really in love with.

 (Please excuse the colors.)

So there I go again making that list of way outta my league items. And it's even the item I think is feasible. Which it turns out is just another item to add on to my non-feasible list.

Oh boy. I already fear the list I'll be conjuring up for next year. #pettygod
Signing off til next time

I'm diffffrentt


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