Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wish List: Gabi

As we get closer and closer to the winter holidays, I’ve realized how much busier I’ve gotten–
as I’m sure is the same for anyone who happens to read this (thanks in advance). From looking
for the perfect prom dress in school, trying to write any supplement you can, pretending to do
your homework, and fervently checking any and all social media for news of everyone else’s
acceptance– December can get a little bit hectic. Don’t worry... I’ve compiled a master luxury
gift list, mostly of things I can’t even dream of purchasing, so you don’t have to do any extra
work! We can all afford to get a lil wistful this time of year, so take note (and 5 minutes) to just
hang out and window shop.


The Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle
Obviously without room for a laptop, 5 star, or large pencil case, this bag screams I’ve got
nowhere productive to go and I’m going to look bad as hell getting there.... This black leather
duffel with brass cupcake studs on the bottom has been an object of desire for 2+ years,
somehow no one close to me has mustered up the $850 that it takes to take one of these bad girls
out for a spin... It’s big enough for a camera, a wallet, and a sandwich (maybe a small one) – but
it’s the perfect day bag. It transitions from cross-body to handbag in .5 seconds, and looks good
either way. It’s also a limited resource in danger of becoming extinct...... because Alexander
Wang is now taking Nicolas Ghesquiere’s place at Balenciaga! (therefore buy now as opposed to
when you’re an established adult).

The Goyard Trunk
On the topic of college, on the first day, nothing’s going to say “I’m the child of an oil sheik/
Nicolas Sarkozy/French Diplomat/African Prince” like a Goyard Trunk. One of these lil bad
boys will lock away all of your sweatpants for about $150,000... If you would like me to craft/
hand paint anything for you for $150,000 please let me know and I’ll happily run out and do so.

Cartier Tank Watch
Nothing like a beautiful piece of French machinery in classy black and gold...

Fiorentini and Baker Eli Boots
These boots are laid back cool... I’ve seen them on some people around town, and they are the
ONLY short boots that anyone’s looking good in. They wear like nice leather, they look like
nice leather, nice leather will last forever, blah, blah, blah, bottom line– if you’re trying to be

Giles and Brother Rail Spike Cuff - $88
This cuff is a truly cool piece of jewelry, which is a bent-brass railroad spike that you can wear
on your wrist for ever and ever. You can also get it stamped with whatever you want on it, your
own name if you forget, your mom’s, your dog’s, whatever floats your boat really.... It’s also $88
dollars, putting it more in the realm of buyability.

DogEared Happy Buddha Wish Necklace - $30
I’ve always been into these little string necklaces, but I think that they’re an especially sweet
present to get for anyone... Supposedly you make a wish, and when the necklace wears through,
your wish is ready to come true. It’s all nice hand-holdy, good karma stuff that’s a little more
original (and more 14k) than the run of the mill Urban Outfitters necklace that you were going to
get your best friend.

J. Crew Wool-Angora Snood - $49.50
Whatever you want to call it– Snood, Circle Scarf, or Gaiter, this is about to be the softest
investment you ever make... It updates any outfit (and I take advantage of this a little too
often), and the charcoal is neutral enough to wear with anything. Just because I wear mine with
sweatpants does not mean that this is not a fashion-forward item! It’s the perfect head-cover if
you’re ever trying to take a nap on the bus/train/desk in front of you, and it’s almost like being
bundled up in a blanket for your entire day.... What’s not to love?

Patagonia Classic Retro-X Vest - $149
Patagonia/Fratagonia, whatever, it’s perfect, it’s fleecy, and it exists in a form half way between
a shirt and a jacket. The vest allows you all of the comforts of a fleece jacket with half as
much awkward sweating because the room you’re in is suddenly too hot..... Though it’s a steep
investment, it’s cool, it’s going to last forever, it’s made from recycled bottles, and I HAVE
ONE AND IT’S MY FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING. *it pairs well with the circle
scarf... I was given one of these as a gift, and it may just be me, but it was top 10 gifts I’ve ever

Best of wishes this holiday season, good luck with your college apps, and stay warm!
Much love, Gabi


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