Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Finale

Woop. It's Friday. We're gonna start doing "wrap-up" posts on Fridays. They'll just have stuff we like in them, things that happened this week, things you should check out, and maybe even a sneak peek of future posts. Who knows?!

Good eats
I have some very exciting news. My cousin Makini Howell just released a cookbook. Whoooooo!! Schwag, schwag. She is an amazing vegan chef and if you happen to find yourself in the Seattle area, you must visit on of her restaurants. Plum Bistro is what is hot and popping in Seattle right now. Though all of the food in her restaurant and cookbook is vegan, I swear you won't even be able to tell. She makes healthy, vegan food accessible. And to all you hip kids, there's really nothing more hip than being vegan. Cook your friends something tasty. You can snag her book for a cool 20 bucks via Amazon

Good reads
  • Kid Cudi might have the most under-appreciated style out there. (via Complex)
  • Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci is the Man of The Moment. (via TMagazine)
  • How to come out to your parents as a stylish person. As you might predict, this is hilarious. (via Complex)
  • Travel while you're young. Gap year, anyone? (via Goins Writer)
  • Treat Chicago gangs as terrorist. (via CNN)
Good music
The xx will be back in Chicago in September. Literally so excited. They were here this past October and I didn't go to the concert and I have been beating myself up ever since. If you haven't heard their newest album, Coexist, you have no excuse because Spotify exist. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am. Who's tryna go wit meh?

Good buys
  • Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. I loved this book, highly recommend it. Check out my blog posts to see what it's about and why it's fantastic. 
  • I would put up links to awesome deals on clothes, but I'd like to focus on literacy. This woman was handing out free books for World Book Night (April 23rd) when I was at the train and people were like "no." They'd say no and return to playing Angry Birds or something on their phone. Or they'd take the book and just throw it on the ground. I couldn't believe it. Books are like 12 dollars. 12 dollars?! And you just got that for free. Dag. People kill me sometimes. Read a book, you might learn something. 
What to expect next week:
  • What I'll be wearing this Spring....well, it's been Spring for about a month now, so what I will wear when it gets warm.
  • What I picked up in Prague.
  • Guest post from a dapper young man. 
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