Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Wore Today

Ello, Chaps. First, I must mention the weather; this would not be a Chicago-based blog without a lil' weather talk. Soooo...lucky us, it's finally getting warm. Remember like two weeks ago we thought it was going to be warm for good? Then, the world was like "nahh," and it dropped to like 40 degrees last Friday. Maybe I shouldn't say it's finally getting warm, I might jinx it. Either way, we must celebrate.

Today it was in the sixties, pretty warm, but not enough for shorts or anything. Even if it were warm enough for shorts, I'd be wearing something to cover my legs. Long story short: I was in Florida last week on a fishing trip with my dad (*cue awwws from the crowd*) and I wore shorts instead of long pants. Hence, I got bit up by the little buggies. I counted 93 bumps. Dag, yo. So, my legs are red and bumpy and diseased lookin'. Das life.

Today, I wore things that I've had for a while. Jeans and shirt are from the Gap. I've had the jeans for three years, shirt for two and they're still solid. For anyone that's been with us for over a year now will remember these shoes from a previous post. Now, they are pretty beat up. The leopard is worn down and there's a little bit of cracking on the side. But, hey, they still look good from afar. 

Since I have had these jeans for three years, what were once artful distresses are now just holes. I've seen girls walk around with just the holes and 4/5 of their legs hanging out, but, uhhh, I think that looks kinda nasty. Instead of doing that, I usually wear a pair of tights under mine. Today, I opted for black lace tights. The tights, shirt and jeans were a nice texture combo.  

This is also a kind of high-low look. I've got the leopard flats and tuxedo-esque shirt, both things I've worn to formal events, with holey jeans. The jeans completely dress down the aforementioned items. Like, completely. I love high-low looks, even just the simple dress and Chucks outfit. I also rarely wear light wash jeans, so this is worth documenting. 

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