Monday, December 23, 2013

Wish List: Steph G. 3.0

Let's just take a moment and revel in the fact that this is the third wish list I'm doing for AWO. Time flies, yo.

Moving on. It's that time of year when I just ask people to buy me a bunch of stuff I don't really need. Just kidding, that's all year. Also, just kidding because apparently my only gift this year is my college education. Which is a legitimate trade-off. I can give up a few Christmases if that means I can graduate a few less dollars in debt. Actually, eff da system. College should be free. But, again, moving on. Let's say there's something under the tree para mi, here's what I'm hoping to see.

Skier sweater. Guess where this sweater is from? You goooooot it. J.Crew, of course. We all know black people don't ski, so what better way to skye y'all out than wear a sweater than wearing a skier sweater. For the record, I know plenty of black people (read: six) that ski. So, screw stereotypes. 

Winter Session Garrison Tote.  I totes (get it?) love this bag. It would add a lot of color to my accessory rotation. Ever since I had to retire my yellow, red, and blue Northface backpack, my darkest outfits have stayed, well, dark. A while back, I met the couple behind Winter Session at Dose Market and they are a fantastic duo. They're items are handmade in Denver, Colorado. I can always get behind brands with well crafted merchandise made in America.

Mark McNairy Leopard Chelsea Boot. I've had my eye on Mark McNairy for a few years now after he was all over the menswear scene as one of the best new shoe designers on the market. Once he rolled out a line for women, my heart sang and my wallet wept. These boots go for $595 and let's just say, ya girl isn't rollin' in dough. So, if one of you moneybags wants to gift these to me, I will love you forever and forever.

Dear Life by Alice Munro. Call me a nerd, but, yes, I want a book for Christmas.My senior year of high school, I was introduced to Alice Munro in my creative writing course. Then, I bought The Love of a Good Women and straight devoured that book in a few days. Short stories are by far my favorite type of literature. In such a short span, you become so invested in the lives of the characters, drawn into the conflicts, and in, say, 40 pages, you've gotten a story would take 300 pages for someone else to write. Alice Munro's short stories, or anyone's short stories, are great for people who want to read, but don't have the time or patience to read a few hundred page novel. 

Happy Holidays! 


Monday, December 16, 2013

Wish List: Casey

Editor's note: We are so, so, so excited about our first guest blogger of the season, Casey. Before I had the pleasure of getting to know Casey, I always admired her style from afar. She reads just about everything that is posted on this blog and has always been supportive of me and Ashton in everything we do. All in all, Casey is the best. Enjoy!

I have always been told I am the absolute hardest person to shop for. Typically when I see something I like...I buy it. Now this does not include Balenciaga motorcycle bags, patent leather Louboutin heels and all things Chanel. However, when I was asked to come up with my holiday wish list from two of my favorite students, I couldn’t help but feel the need to contribute.  Let me say I love working in a high school. I feel as though I have the chance to always have my finger on the pulse of what’s in, what’s out, and what I should pack up and send to the Salvation Army. It doesn’t hurt that I work in a school with some of the of the most fiercely fashionable teenagers who are keeping me on my toes!  Let’s just dive right in…

First and foremost, as I write this out, it is currently something along the lines of negative zero degrees outside. In order to stay warm and still avoid looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow from Ghostbusters, this Moncler parka is high on the want list. For those of you who know me well, and I’d imagine few of you reading this do, black is typically my color of choice. It goes with everything, you can use fun colorful accessories to add a pop of color, and there is that whole thing of being universally slimming. However, I have chosen this coat in the deep wine color. Still timeless, still classic...and of course fierce.

Moving right along on the theme of keeping warm and to add that I have memorized the entire J.Crew Holiday catalog, the item most desired by me has to be the cashmere leggings. We all know winter is about hibernating at home, but why should this mean you are stuck in some drabby pajamas? J.Crew knows how to elevate loungewear to the highest degree when they came out with these bad boys.  

Next on my list are the Nike Pro Safari Moves tights. This summer I developed a very (unhealthy) addiction to spinning at a place called Flywheel. Yes, this is a very healthy addiction...I mean working out...burning like 800 calories can’t be a bad thing. However, this also means a whole new area of clothing and accessories are vital. I was all in on Lululemon until I spotted these bad boys.  I need them...I want them...I must have them.

I have always had an affinity for things with skulls. I used to have a sickening Toy Watch with a skull on the face, however it broke and I could never find a replacement. It wasn’t until I saw the Alexander McQueen skull smoking slippers, that I was finally able to move past the watch. There’s something incredibly sophisticated about a pair of velvet smoking slippers, but when you add the skulls it takes it to a whole new level.  

Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend. Throw in the fact that my birthstone also happens to be a diamond and have the next item on my most wanted list this holiday season. This diamond initial cuff from Dana Rebecca is my personal favorite. For starters, I am a sucker for anything with my initials on it.  Secondly, you can wear this on its own or stack it with some other jewels...either way it’s a classic.  Fingers crossed my mom is reading this and wants to surprise me…

And finally...there is nothing I want more than a Missoni throw blanket. I shallow of me...but I can’t deny it. I see anything with the signature chevron print and I’m all in. This blanket has been on my most wanted list for years but it has moved to the most most wanted after seeing Rachel Zoe’s home decked out in the prints. My dream home would be simply black and white with touches of Missoni sprinkled throughout. This blanket is only the beginning.  

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Wish List Season Approaching

All Worn Outters,

Wish list season has arrived and guess who is kicking it off? Your male contributor of AWO. I haven’t had the opportunity to post but during my absence my style has only gotten better and my taste even more expensive. Here in Lake Forest the homes are in the million dollar range and the cars could pay off my college tuition thus I have been influenced quite a bit. I've even taken up a little piano to keep up with all the 12-year-old kids who come in the Lake Forest Sports Center, Patagucci-ed out. So the more free time I have here in the Forest the more keeping up with the top luxury brands I have to do. Any time I go into downtown Lake Forest I feel as if I have to wear the best of the best and sometimes I don’t think my closet is up to par so these things are exactly what I need to keep up with the Jones (aka the Kardashians)

1. Gold Watch

I never fail to put my watch of the year on my wish list and this one boasts quite the price tag, $50,000 to be exact but let’s ignore that and be mindful of the fact that Scott Disick would wear it so, so shall I. One day I was casually navigating the Cartier website and I came upon this beauty. I die for a quality gold watch and I know you'd die if you saw me wearing this bad boy. Have you even heard of pink gold? Probably not.

Calibre de Cartier Chronograph Watch: Pink Gold 

2. Pataguch

So I definitely need the most fashionable cold weather gear and this is it. I bought a "last season" pullover that was on sale but who doesn't need more Patagonia. I don't own any puffy/non-fashion outerwear and I'm looking to get some this year. And like I said in general why not stock pile up on a quality brand. That email about the new arrivals came in and I knew exactly what Patagonia I needed. 

Diamond Quilt Snap-T Pullover

3. Jack Spade

I obsess over everything Jack Spade. It's a men's brand that really caters to someone who actually cares about how they look once they graduate from college. I say after graduating because I can't necessarily just shop for my wardrobe there because the prices can be a bit steep. But put that aside and my closet would be all Jack Spade if it were up to me. Their bags are killer for a man in the work force and even if you want a snazzy tie or something that isn't so bland. They don't skimp on color or the fun side that can go into the items you buy. For example I die just for the new line of wallets they released.

Elastic Leather Index Wallet

4. Vineyard Vines

I feel like I'm a little late to this brand but that's okay I'm no east coaster. What I love about this stuff is it's bold and why not have a pink whale on your turquoise and yellow button down? 

5. Rain Boots

I obsess over rain boots and I honestly have no reason why. I feel like it's their convenience. Once you throw them on, no natural elements can stop you. I lie, except for heat. I was watching The Today Show and I saw this brand come on the screen and immediately looked it up and I liked their stuff. I'm not a fisher, hunter, sailor or farmer but hey it's nice to know that your shoes can withstand a day at the stables. Your stables that sit upon a 20-acre lot in Lake Forest, right? 

Aigle Malouine Black
Still hoping for a pair of Hunters... got my eyes on these beautiful babes.

Original Short Buckle Rain Boots

6. Givenchy

I've been in the market for new glasses. My Gucci frames have held up for the longest and I think this is the next step up. As Kreayshawn put it... "Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada basic bitches wear that shit..." I'm in love with this fashion line so hey this would be the only way I'd be able to wear it. I want them in this super cool textured matte black with gold accents.

Givenchy Eyeglasses

7. Cartier 2.0

I want this bracelet, if you understand why then you deserve one as well. I go for the opened bracelet because it's a little less hefty in price with a $2000 difference from the closed one at $6350.

Cartier Men's Yellow Gold Love Bracelet 


But truly all I want this Christmas is a plane ticket to go see the love of my life. I save my little work study checks in the hopes that one day, maybe just one day I'll be able to fly to Europe to see her perform. So I will be going door to door in the Lake Forest area asking for hefty donations. She recently dropped a new album which, hasn't even officially been made available in the US. She currently is touring in Europe and that's where I need to be.

Kentish Town Forum in London

I wish everyone the pleasure of getting what they really want off their wish list this season. Hopefully, everything on your list isn't as much of a stretch as the stuff on mine.

Signing off 'til next time,

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