Monday, January 27, 2014

Campus Crush: Maya

Remember Maya? I told you all to watch out for her. Aaaaand she's back. I know you all think I'm super stylish, beautiful, smart, funny, etc and always want to see what I'm wearing to class and stuff, but sometimes you have give other people the spotlight. I also hope that you all know me well enough to take that previous statement in complete jest. In all seriousness, I often look to people who have a differing sense of style to get inspiration for my own looks. With that being said, meet Maya.

Maya is a first year at this fine institution of learning and a proud member of the Women's Rugby team. She also likes pasta without sauce. But, if there must be sauce on her pasta, she likes pesto. 

Now that you all know her pasta preferences, we can talk about her fashion preferences. What I really love about her outfit is the mixing of stripes; vertical and horizontal of differing widths. They're both in cool shades which is why they go so well together. Then she hits us with neutral pants to balance out the look. And her necklace is just nice.

She's wearing a sweater from Forever 21, circa 2008 aka a time in her life when she didn't know how to wear a sweater like this one. Her shirt is from American Eagle and her shoes are Diba. She finished off her look with a mix of jewelry. Supes cute (amiright, Maya?).

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