Monday, February 24, 2014

MODA in Bloom

My campus's annual fashion show was last week. Our resident fashion student organization, MODA, has been planning this spectacular for months. And, it showed. But, we are going to leave that for this Wednesday's post. This first post will be dedicated to sharing photos of the lovely attendees.

I actually went to the fashion show last year before I was an official UChicago student and I remember being super into the fact that people dressed up. It's pretty cool to see people that are usually clad in jeans and sweats get all dressed up.

I absolutely love, love, love that shirtdress. The colors look fantastic against her skin. It's such a simple look and it works so well. 

This is one of my friends who is a stylist for MODA. Peep that necklace and her bag; those two pieces totally play up her all black outfit and make it interesting. Also, fun fact, she has great taste in music.

Y'all already know Maya. And as per usual, she's looking supes stylish.  

This look is just lowkey sexy. I've seen this whole sheer thing with panels go horribly wrong, but Alexa is the perfect example of it going right. She makes it fun with her pink lipstick and jewelry. Definitely one of my favorite attendee outfits of the night.

I love seeing groups of friends in which everyone is stuntin'. Bravo, ladies.

Provided that these two look amazing on their own, I was super into the fact that their dresses complimented one another's. 

This is my friend Christy and her roommate both looking super cute.

This green just screams Spring. Coupled with the design of the dress, it was the perfect thing to wear to an event in which the theme was also celebrating Spring. 

Das me. I wore Kenneth Cole wide leg pants and a Diane von Furstenburg top. Got both on crazy sale last year: pants for 8 dollars, and shirt for 70 dollars. 

Be sure to check back Wednesday to see the pics of what was on the runway. Keep up with All Worn Out on Facebook and Twitter

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