Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Polka Dots, Sequins, & Stripes (Oh my!)

Final. Are. Over. Well, they are for me. And if you still have finals, power through! This week has been far too critical and it's only Wednesday. The good thing about not having any more exams is that I can finally chill. I'll be heading out to Nashville on Friday for a rugby tournament. I couldn't be more excited. The weather in Nashville will be warm. Oh, so, warm. Can't wait.

Last week, the weather gods blessed Chicago with one warm and sunny day. This was the same day that Chase decided to stunt. Though it was super petty for it to only be warm for one day, then straight snow the next, we take anything we can get in Chicago.

The weather had me feeling so good, I was like "nahhh, not going to work today." (I responsibly called off and all that because I'm an adult occasionally responsible college student.) But, moving on. I'm always surprised by the things I find in department stores. I generally don't like department stores, but sometimes I find something worth buying. Enter: the sequin skirt. I picked this one up from the juniors section in Kohls for ten bucks on sale. Seriously, if you have some sequined item, provided that it's not a circa 2006 spaghetti strap tank with rando sequins on the lace trim (y'all know what I'm talking about), break it out during the day and let it see some sunlight. 

On top, I wore a Ralph Lauren oxford, Gap denim jacket that I got on mad sale for 15 dollars, and a J. Crew necklace, also around 15 dollars on sale. 

I finished off my look with a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that I picked up from the Neiman Marcus outlet for 120 dollahzz. Also, swerve. I just googled my watch and Asos was selling it for 431 dollars. Like, what? Come on, y'all, Marc Jacobs is not that real. I love my watch, but you would never catch me spending that much on it. And funny-ish story. One of my friends looked at my watch and said, "Isn't he a little conceited for putting his name where the numbers should be?" To which I said, "If you had a fashion empire, wouldn't you put your name there, too?" Basically, Marc Jacobs is time. Get with it, people. 

Peace sign game strong. 
I'll catch y'all in Nashville. See what shenanigans the lovely ruggers and I get into by following ya girl on Twitter and Instagram: @all_worn_out. 

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