Monday, March 17, 2014

Campus Crush: Chase

The first conversation I ever had with Chase was about music. We were sizing each other up. Passing one another's test, we shared an unspoken agreement to trust the other's opinion. Funny how such an arbitrary topic can be the basis for such a great friendship. Chase is one of those people you can just count on. He's good people.

Chase is from the suburbs of Chicago, so like any true (almost) Chicagoan, he takes temperatures over 50 degrees as a cue to break out the shorts. Like all of us, he's excited for the warm weather to get here and stay. When asked what he loves to do when the weather is nice, his answer was one that anyone who knows him could have guessed: play basketball. 

I'm super into the brightly colored shorts trend that has been going on for a couple of summers now. Chase's are even more fun because they're covered in a banana print. I feel like a lot people, in general, shy away from wearing yellow, so I was surprised to see Chase in it. But, it's one of those colors that can embody a mood. That day was bright -- Chase's clothing choice matched that. 

Chase is wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, Urban Outfitters shorts, and a Theory shirt. 

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