Monday, October 6, 2014


Traveling has its perks: new experiences, new people, new places. It also has its downsides: missing your friends and family dearly. But, I can say this: Spain has been fantastic. I've been here for about three weeks. I was in Barcelona for a while, then Madrid, now I'm in Toledo. Toledo is a town of about 80,000 people. Maybe Toledo is a city...not sure, but coming from a place with a couple million people, 80,000 seems like a town to me.

I was in Barcelona with my mom and my cousin, Patsy. Barcelona was packed with tourists and we gladly joined the masses. My favorite spot that we visited was La Sagrada Família, which is a church designed by Barcelona's reigning architecture king, Antoni Gaudí. All of Gaudí's spots were dope, but this church was pretty incredible. I feel like I am always visiting churches in Spain and I think that feeling might be the truth. So, when I walked into La Sagrada Família, my idea of what a church should look like was shattered.

The church is actually still under construction and your entrance fee serves as a donation to the project. Whenever you look at Barcelona from atop a mountainside, you can always see the towers of the Sagrada and the cranes. It's one of the few particularly tall buildings in the city.

The ceiling 

Besides the church, we pretty much saw everything that is a "must-see" in Barcelona: the FC-Barcelona stadium, the other Gaudí spots around the city, the Olympic stadium, the art museum, and more. It's easy to stay busy there.

Barça from above
We stayed at Hotel Miramar -- I highly recommend it if you're making your way to Barcelona anytime soon. This was the view from our balcony. Not too shabby.

My travel buddies! This was the first time that I've traveled outside of the US with my mom and cousin. Well, not the first time, exactly, but the first time that I had the ability to fully appreciate the experience and store vivid memories in muh noggin'. But, all in all, it was a lot of fun to just hang out with my mom. Definitely something I'd like to do again. 

Mi mama

Mi prima, Patsy
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