Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Blues

Question: When the weather is unseasonably warm or oddly cold, do you immediately assume it is a result of global climate change? I do. And I'm gonna say that that assumption is probably the truth. With that in mind, I'm over here in Spain screaming, "¡Calentamiento global!" while also basking in the glory that is sunshine and 75 degree weather. I've definitely worn more skirts and dresses in September and October than I did throughout the cruel cool summer in Chicago. I lowkey have all of these sweater that I'm tryna bust out, so I wouldn't be mad if it suddenly dropped 20 degrees.

Ever since Kanye killed that GQ spread, I've been into the idea of wearing the same color. I decided on a blue chambray sleeveless top from H&M and MM6 Maison Martin Margiela navy cotton & linen skirt. Clearly not on Ye's level, but just wait on it. Ya girl is on the come up. I picked up the MM6 skirt for 40 bucks secondhand in great condition from Vaunte, a site to buy and sell designer clothes for the low low. When I'm buying secondhand, I always compare the item to things I already own and how much I bought those comparable items for new. When purchased, the skirt was in "like new" condition, so I was 'bout it for 40 bucks. 

Before I skipped town, I decided that I could try to be more interesting when it comes to the use of accessories. You can usually catch me wearing small hoop earrings, a watch, and maybe a bracelet if I'm really tryna do something. I picked up the earrings at a small store here in Toledo and even had a small conversation with the woman who made them. If you know me, you might know that I'm totally into that type of shopping -- where you can have a conversation with someone about where the product came from and have them know with certainty that it's well made. I got the cord necklace when I was visiting a friend and an AWO founding member, Caroline, in Michigan from a store called Pitaya...I am pretty sure there is one in Chicago, too, but I'm not certain.

Not to crap on Spain, but I'm not that into the shopping here. Maybe I just haven't found the right places yet ~~ hit me with them suggestions doe ~~. The small, artisan stores are mad cool, but the chain stores are only alright; they're not very different than the ones in the US. On the bright side, I'll get to save this guap. 

Also, big thanks to my best friend/partner-in-crime Natalie for taking these pics. She's also the Creative Director of Blacklight Magazine. So, when the magazine snaps (and it will), you know who to thank. 


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