Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sweater (Vest) Weather

Hey peeps! I’m back again to show you another sweater weather style, featuring two special items I purchased here in Spain.

Today was chilly and cloudy, so I snuggled into my new deep maroon Pull & Bear turtleneck vest. Pull & Bear is a Spanish retailer based in Galicia that sells very hip clothing and accessories worldwide (though they have not yet arrived in the States) and I love their knits. This vest is soft enough to sleep in with a wide and high turtle neck—the perfect outer layer for a crisp autumn day.  

I wanted the vest to remain the statement of the outfit, so I decided to go monochromatic beneath. I paired my Pull & Bear with a simple charcoal cotton sweater and a pair of steel Joe’s jeans. (Joe’s jeans run on the pricey side, but they are very worth it if you are willing to splurge or can find a good sale!) The side-slits in the vest revealed a smooth gray-on-gray transition from top to bottom, letting the vest stand alone as the star of the outfit. Vale!
 The Spanish tile drop earrings I’m wearing were bought for me by my dad (who has impeccable taste) at an incredible flea market in La Latina, a bustling neighborhood in Madrid. The flea market is poppin’ every Sunday morning, and it seems to go for miles… the entire main street becomes packed shoulder-to-shoulder with locals and tourists alike, and along either side vendors sell everything from handmade leather goods to wooden children’s toys. The prices are very fair and many of the goods are one-of-a-kind; to any of you heading to Madrid anytime soon, I definitely recommend this gem of a market.  
I am a faithful customer to so many American brands, but I vowed to get out of my box and make purchases here in Europe that I couldn’t make back home, like today’s Pull & Bear vest and one-of-a-kind tile earrings. We are spoiled in America with the amount of quality brands available to shoppers of all price-ranges; here in Spain, there are only a couple quality chains that are not designer stores. The silver lining of this is that I’ve been exploring boutiques and artisan shops… Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll share some of my favorite artisan purchases!

Stay warm.


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