Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweater Weather

Editor's note: I don't know how I have been friends with Natalie for this long and not had her do a guest post for AWO. And a little birdy told me that a certain someone might be welcomed to the AWO team soon enough. Until then, enjoy!

Hey chicos! Natalie here, guest-posting on my main awesome blog. This is my first blog post ever….so bear with me as I take you through today’s look. 

It’s finally cooled down here in Castilla-La-Mancha; I’ve been counting down the days ‘til sweater weather and today, at last, I brought out my first fall sweater of the season… a bell-sleeved wool blend Free People cardigan, one of my favorite statement pieces in my closet. It’s super soft and cozy, with a stylish twist: a gorgeous blanket print and, hello, bell sleeves. I love collecting pieces like this one that are unique and chic while staying oh-so-soft… For me, good fashion should never compromise comfort.

I wanted the sweater to stay the focal point of today’s look, so I kept what was underneath pretty simple. Beneath I wore a dark olive long-sleeved tee and high-waisted black jeans, complete with wool socks and my favorite Steve Madden cognac leather lace-ups.
Lastly, accessories: the name of my game! Today I chose a western-style leather and ivory belt, and small silver chandelier earrings—both vintage pieces handed down from my beautiful mama! The southwest feel of the belt paired super well with the sweater’s blanket print, giving the entire outfit a Taos feel (side note: one of my favorite towns in the US), and the chandelier earrings were just big enough to notice without distracting from the overall fit.

Today’s look was all about statement pieces set off by a pretty simple base look; this is my favorite way to show off special wardrobe pieces, and an easy way to enter sweater weather with a vavavooom.  Until next time, ladies and gents!


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