Monday, August 19, 2019

Money Monday: What I Spent $313.20 on Over a Weekend

Okay, so plot twist, people: I started traveling for work and that put a bit of wrench in this whole plan to only use cash. All of my expenses Monday to Thursday have been charged to a card, but I have managed to stick to cash for my Friday to Sunday expenses. With that being said, below I’ll be sharing my weekend expenses over two weekends.

Weekend 1

I spent the last few days of July and first days of August in Maryland visiting my family. When I got back to Chicago on Sunday afternoon, I went to Whole Foods grab some food to supplement what I already had at home and picked up some other things for travel. I got plantain chips, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, coconut aminos, skyr yogurt, lavender room and body mist, and turmeric pills. I also donated the cost of a bag to the WF charity of the month. $44.95

Daily total: $44.95
Weekend total: $44.95

Weekend 2

I worked from home this day and made it through most of the day eating some frozen foods from Trader Joe’s, kale and cereal (not all at once, of course). I went into downtown after signing off from work to get my nails done and buy new running shoes. I got OPI VIPink nail polish and I am in love. It’s so bright and fun. I recommend getting a coat of the whitest nail polish available under the pink because it makes the pink pop even more. Anyway, the mani-pedi was $72 with tip and after a $10 discount because it was my tenth visit to the salon.

I headed to a running store and picked up some Adidas running shoes that fit my orthotics because my feet are messed up. And, to my surprise, they were on sale! $115.77

Recently, I broke the wireless sport headphones that I’ve had for years, so I stopped in Target to get another cheap-ish pair. $33.06

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home (would have rather gone to TJs, but just couldn’t swing it that evening because it was already late). I got a container of mixed melon, a piece of salmon, cherry tomatoes, kombucha, almond milk, cereal, almond flour cheddar crackers, coconut chocolate granola, kale, avocado and donated two 10 cent bag credits. $40.32

Daily total: $261.15

I kept Saturday pretty tight because I spent so much on Friday. When I travel for work, I have to pack errands into the weekend, so that also concentrates my spending. I don’t usually drop that much in a single day, but as you see, it can happen.

My sister drove up to Chicago and I met her in our old neighborhood. I decided to take public transit there instead of an Uber and spent $5.50 on a train ticket.

We picked up lunch at Top Notch (best turkey burgers in Chicago, IYKYK) for our best friend and ourselves. I split the cost of it with my sister. $16

Our best friend dropped me off at home, woo! Free

Daily total: $21.50

I needed more nasal spray (lol) because of my allergies, so I ran to Target. I picked up some blue corn tortilla chips, too. $25.03

After teaching yoga, I ran to Whole Foods for some skyr yogurt and fruit for breakfast. $5.52

Daily total: $30.55

Weekend total: $313.20

I'll be traveling to Miami this week, so follow me on instagram @thestylegrad to keep up with the fun! I'll be posting a travel diary here next week.


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